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RIS Industrial Relations Update

We are grateful to those Branches that responded to the call for agenda items for our discussions with OS in RIS this week, and below is a brief report on how those discussions proceeded.

Partial retirement and (positive) mobility of staff

As reported in BB 52/14, positive discussions had taken place in the PCD area on these issues, and we have intimated our hopes that the position outlined in that briefing could be deemed to apply to the whole of RIS.  The SLT will consider this and feed back, but in the mean time, any problems that cannot be resolved in local discussion should be referred to Marianne Owens for Members outwith PCD.  Initial feedback indicates that the position discussed in PCD is working positively, and we welcome this greatly.


Flowing directly from the above, RIS agreed to share with TUS their plans for recruitment and broader location strategy moving forward, and the upcoming SLT meeting would discuss resourcing in depth.

Professionalism for Analysts

Good work on the Official Side has been going on of late around the creation of a Professional Framework for Analysts, on which a separate Branch Briefing will be issued shortly.  Without prejudice to some concerns regarding the potential treatment of staff who make to meet the required standard following their appointment, TUS can see the benefit of work to develop such a professional framework, and took the opportunity to broadly welcome this work.

Additionally, TUS expressed a desire for a commitment that this endeavour will be properly resourced, and that where grading lines may have blurred to the point that work is identified through the framework as being done at a higher grade, vacancies will be created and filled appropriately in order to ensure Analysts are properly rewarded for their efforts.

Mid-Size & Large Business review

The impact of this review on RIS was discussed, with assurances sought that RIS were adequately resourced to provide cases to the new mid-size teams in April.  TUS intimated a desire to be kept in the loop on developments and this was happily agreed.


Previous Branch Briefings have provided updates on PMR across the Department, and TUS expressed some concern that in some areas of RIS, the expectation of the volume of evidence required, and the frequency of review meetings, was such that they were having a deleterious effect on both productivity and morale.

The OS agreed to look into some of the anecdotes provided by TUS, and with the PMR system being reviewed across Business Streams, TUS requested sight of any drafts and input into the final version of the RIS response.

Grading / Job Descriptions

Similarly to concerns raised regarding the possible blurring of Grading lines for analysts above, TUS intimated that a substantial portion of the RIS TUS inbox is comprised of queries around the appropriate grading of work, and asked for up to date generic job descriptions.

An additional piece of ongoing work regarding Professionalism for staff outwith Analyst roles was identified as having as part of its remit the design of role profiles, and TUS welcomed the offer of input into this.


 It was agreed that High level data on RIS Workstate would be shared with TUS prior to regular meetings, and TUS concerns regarding the occasional tailing off of the workflow in RIS were acknowledged as a matter suitable for further discussion.

Temporary Promotions

The ongoing TUS concerns regarding a disproportionate number of Temporary Promotions in RIS were raised, and it was agreed that an updated snapshot of these would be provided prior to our next meeting with a view to allowing a more detailed discussion.

Hamish Drummond
Assistant Group Secretary

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RIS Trade Union Side Update

Update on progress towards the creation of a RIS TUS
Call for Agenda items for Industrial Relations Meeting

Late last year we undertook a consultation with Branches on the formation of a RIS Trade Union Side.  We are grateful to all who took the time to respond, and it is our intention to move quickly towards the constitution of two separate dial ins, one focusing on PCD issues, the other on issues in other areas of RIS.  The responses received were all positive and constructive, and overwhelmingly endorsed the principles we suggested.

We don’t think it would be fair or appropriate to seek to elect Convenors at the first meetings, so it is our intention to hold the two initial dial ins on 10 February, with the PCD one being convened by Dave Hansford at 10am, and the dial in for the rest of RIS taking place at 2pm, convened by Marianne Owens.

Branches representing Members in RIS PCD are asked to notify Dave Hansford of their PCD lead, while Branches representing Members in Other Areas of RIS are asked to notify Marianne Owens of who will be leading for them.  Dave and Marianne will then supply dial in details to the notified leads.

At these meetings it will be possible both to give an update on discussions with the Official Side in RIS and to let Branch RIS leads ask any questions they may have about the Convenor roles, following which we will be asking Branches to make nominations and running an election process.

As Membership records are not yet sufficiently organised to enable any kind of weighted, or collegiate, voting system, the elections will be run on a one branch, one vote basis, and overseen by a PCS FTO.

In the interim, due to a change in RIS Personnel, the planned Industrial Relations Meeting scheduled for earlier January was deferred, and we are no awaiting a new date for this to take place.  Branches wishing to escalate local items for discussion should notify these for the time being to Dave and Marianne as appropriate, copying me in at my HMRC address.

Hamish Drummond – Assistant Group Secretary


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