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Field Force Recruitment in DMB

Members will by now be aware of a notice issued to DMB staff seeking expressions of interest in temporary Field Force posts created as a result of the return of work from private Debt Collection Agencies.

PCS have campaigned consistently against the outsourcing of HMRC Debt Collection functions, and the DMB Business Trade Union Side emphatically welcomed the Autumn Statement announcement of the return of some work from DCAs to HMRC.

As a result of this returning work, a number of Field Force vacancies have been created for the next year, and PCS would encourage any Members interested to put in Expressions of Interest – making this work is in all of our interests.

The notice advising of these vacancies does make reference to the possibility of compulsion should sufficient volunteers not come forward.  It is our sincere hope that sufficient interest will be expressed in the vacancies to fill them all, but any Members finding themselves faced with transfer into an unsuitable post against their will should contact their local PCS Rep for support, and they should notify their DMB BTUS Convenor appropriately.

Hamish Drummond – Assistant Group Secretary                          


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DMB Outsourcing Update 130314


Previous BBs have made Branches aware both of DMB plans with regard to further use of private sector Debt Collection Agencies (DCAs) and the PCS Response.

Failure to agree

The Failure to Agree reached on this front has been escalated further, and TUS are in the process of drafting a formal response to a letter received from the Employee Relations Team intimating that DMB do not have access to the additional resource required to accommodate the TUS request that outsourcing be halted and that HMRC jobs be created in DMB to pursue this debt.

OJEU notices

In the interim, as expected, work has progressed on the outsourcing, and two invitations to tender were recently published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), which we attach for Information hereto.

The Documents are not short, and so for ease of sharing with members, we will copy below a list of the Services that the “Debt Market Integrator” project will be contracted to offer to Central Government Departments and Agencies as part of this briefing.

Members will understandably be concerned by the scope of the DMI project, and while we have no doubt whatsoever in the good faith of the senior DMB colleagues who advise me that HMRC’s use of the DMI will initially be limited to contracting for telephony, text and postal pursuit, Surveillance of remitted debts and the comparison of analytics, the fact remains that our political masters could instruct the department to expand this significantly at any time, and the tender does make reference to the possibility of TUPE transfers of staff.

Branch action at Mandate Meetings

We also include with this briefing an emergency motion that the GEC will be considering at its meeting in early May, which we would ask Branches, particularly those with a substantial DMB presence, to put to their mandate meetings as a way of consulting Members and raising awareness of a hugely significant issue.

Extract of DMI OJEU notice

 Apologies for the formatting – this has been copied and pasted from the notice, the full text of which is attached as an appendix

 “II.1.5) Short description of the contract or purchase:
IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support. Industry specific software development services. Business transaction and personal business software development services. Financial analysis and accounting software development services. Financial analysis software development services. Financial systems software development services. Accounting software development services. Analytical, scientific, mathematical or forecasting software development services. Analytical or scientific software development services. Mathematical or forecasting software development services. Sales, marketing and business intelligence software development services. Business intelligence software development services. Database software development services. Security software development services. File security software development services. Data security software development services. Miscellaneous software development services and computer systems. Spreadsheets and enhancement software development services. Systems and technical consultancy services. Business analysis consultancy services. Data services. Data-processing services. Computer tabulation services. Data conversion services. Data entry services. Data preparation services. Optical character recognition services. Data capture services. Data collection and collation services. Data network management and support services. Data network support services. Data network management services. Data analysis services. Data storage services. Data transmission services. Data supply services. Database services. Added-value database services. Data management services. Content or data standardisation and classification services. Research and development services and related consultancy services. Research and experimental development services. Research services. Experimental development services. Research and development consultancy services. Research consultancy services. Development consultancy services. Design and execution of research and development. Administration services. General public services. Administrative services for business operations. Administrative services of agencies. Supporting services for the government. Government services. Legal services. Legal advisory and representation services. Legal advisory services. Legal representation services. Legal advisory and information services. Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. Accounting and auditing services. Accounting services. Bookkeeping services. Compilation of financial statements services. Auditing services. Financial auditing services. Fraud audit services. Custom broker services. Statistical services. Auction services. Electronic auction services. Business and management consultancy and related services. Business and management consultancy services. General management consultancy services. Financial management consultancy services. Office-support services. Telephone-answering services. Telephone operator services. Call centre. Mailing-list compilation and mailing services. Mailing services. Supply services of personnel including temporary staff. Supply services of office personnel. Investigation and security services. Investigation services. Detective agency services. Collection agency services. Administration, defence and social security services. Contract administration services. The Cabinet Office, on behalf of HM Government (HMG) is seeking to appoint a PSP to establish, and be majority shareholder in, a DMI that is capable of delivering a suite of debt management services to a range of UK government departments and other UK Contracting Authorities.
The DMI will offer a range of existing and new services that provide improved debt management and increased net yield through better debt analytics, debt collection, debt enforcement, litigation and fraud and error services and possibly debt sales.”

 Emergency Motion text

 “That this Group Conference notes the publication  in March of notices in the Official Journal of the European Union seeking to tender for Private Sector Debt collection entities to undertake:

 i)             The collection of current and future HMRC Tax Credits debt, and;

ii)            The formation of a Government wide “Debt Market Integrator”, which will be charged with the collection of HMRC debt along with debt outsourced by other Government Departments.

 Conference condemns these tenders at a time when HMRC jobs are under threat, and in particular expresses concern that the DMI tender sets out a list of possible services to be provided by the Private Sector such that any HMRC Debt Collection function could at some stage be taken on by the Private Sector entity in full.

Conference commends the decision of the GEC to include opposition to this outsourcing as a key plank of the Jobs & Staffing campaign, and calls upon the GEC to consult widely with Members in DMB over forms of selective action that might be undertaken in DMB in support of the wider campaign with a view to ensuring that no HMRC debt is collected privately while HMRC staff are facing the loss of their jobs, this consultation to begin by taking careful note of contributions to this Conference debate.”


Branches are asked to collate feedback and to pass this to the DMB BTUS through the Regional Convenors.

Hamish Drummond – Assistant Group Secretary


1. Debt Market Inegrator Project – HR Briefing 20140228.doc (MS Word)
2. DMI Contract Notice.doc (MS Word)
3. ETC Contract Notice – published.doc (MS Word)

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