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Contact Centre Idle Codes

Contact Centre management are today announcing a new set of idle codes to be used with effect from 31st March 2014. These new codes represent a marked improvement on the myriad codes previously used – with management reducing the number of codes from 64 to 18. We hope that this will make it much simpler and more straightforward for both our advisor and manager members. For staff this should make it much easier to identify the correct code to use, and for managers this should make the process of managing and maximising productivity much more straightforward.

Crucially for our members working in Contact Centres, there will be a new “Time off Phones” Code, which will cover all HR activities. Management have agreed that this code should be used to record time spent managing leave and flexi, in line with Resolution 51, carried at Group Delegate Conference. Management have agreed that time to request time off, and to update this time off on the appropriate recording systems, such as flexi sheets, the PAT tool and ERP should be taken in the Time off Phones code (code 24). In line with the conference resolution, this is entirely separate to the new Investment Time code.

We have agreed with management that members should work with their managers to agree the most appropriate time to make these updates and that time in this code fulfilling these functions should not be excessive. If individual members are struggling to keep these records up to date and accurately maintained then they should speak to their manager about their concerns and agree a joint way to address these problems. This will ensure that members get the help and support that they need and managers can address problems in the most efficient way possible.

If there are any questions about the content of this briefing then please contact us at our HMRC email addresses.

Vicki SearleAssistant Group Secretary 
John DavidsonAssistant Group Secretary


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