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IT @ Work

Every time you log into your machine at work, you agree to an ‘acceptable use policy’ which allows the employer to monitor your input to ensure you are not engaging in any activity that could be harmful, malicious, in breach of the Data Protection Act, or bring the department into disrepute.

Everything you type into your computer keyboard, and every click of the mouse may be recorded and can be traced back to you. This is why you should always lock your workstation, even if you are leaving your desk for just a few moments, to prevent unauthorised access to customer data traceable to your profile.

There is another side to this, however. Although the employer’s guidance on acceptable use involves reasonable internet access during your own time, your usernames, passwords, and any other personal data you enter are recorded. Whilst we would not expect this data to be misused in any way, it means that any private data you input onto your workstation is not as private as you might think.

Therefore it is our recommendation that you do not use your workstation for any website that requires you to log in or enter any kind of personal data. This includes social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, online banking, and anything else that should remain private and secure.

If you do want to access websites like this, during your own time, then please feel free to come down to the Learning Resource Centre on the 4th floor where we have  computers available, independant of the employer’s network, for you to use. You will still be expected to abide by the same behaviours as you would at your workstation.

For details about your Learning Resource Centre and the benefits your Union Learning team can provide, please contact your rep, or click here.

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