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Important Update- Attacks on PCS confirmed

A special meeting of the Group Executive Commitee (GEC) took place yesterday (12th November) and considered some important developments in respect of our relationship with senior management figures. Recent Branch Briefings have described the breakdown of dispute resolution talks on 29th October and our plans to meet with the Chief Executive on 10th November. That meeting went ahead and, though initially fractious, ultimately led to PCS being invited to write to her reiterating our demands in the jobs and staffing campaign and our proposals to make progress on them.
A report on this was provided to the GEC which was meeting for the first time since agreeing to suspend an overtime ban for talks to take place last month. However, yesterday’s meeting also heard a worrying report from the General Secretary which set out in stark terms, the calculated attempts by HMRC to undermine the union and its members.
This development will be reported in more detail soon, but in the meantime please refer to the story which has now been posted on our website
The immediate task facing activists is to do everything possible to expose, and explain the significance of, this attack on the union. We can expect the HMRC communications machine to slip in to effect, while they deny us the same opportunity to convey our messages to members using internal facilities. Therefore, imaginative solutions will be required but please do not do anything which breaches existing guidance and might lead to a wounded employer finding an opportunity for retribution.
In highlighting the insidious attack on the union, we must explain to members, management’s motivation for doing so which can only be to remove us as a barrier to their plans to further erode job security, valued workplace conditions and access to high quality representation.
The GEC is in the process of arranging car park or off-site meetings at which the context for these developments will be described in more detail. Please do all you can to co-operate with the arrangements for those meetings and encourage as many members as possible to attend.
Finally, part of this attack is clearly intended to undermine the union’s ability to operate by withdrawing the means by which members pay their union subscriptions through payroll. We must therefore redouble our efforts to prepare members for the switch to a Direct Debit means of payments.
This can be done very easily and quickly via:
By telephone on 0800 317 464 from a land line or 0207 801 2670 from a mobile.
By completing the form attached to this email
Thank you for your cooperation.
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