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Launch of Your New PCS South Wales R&C Branch Website

launchWelcome to your new PCS branch website!

Your website is intended to keep you up to date on news, campaigns, and to support you as a PCS South Wales member.

Content will be updated regularly so don’t forget to bookmark this site!

Some content has already been added, and as the site continues to develop, the level of interactivity will grow. You, as a PCS South Wales Member will soon be able to comment and feedback on the website. In the mean time, have a look around and let your rep know if you have any reasonable suggestions for the website.

News: This is where all main announcements and information that effects our members will be posted. Announcements and information on the 800 Club draw will also be included here.

Calendar: Any events or deadlines we believe will be useful to know will be attached to the calendar here. Clicking on the event will bring up more information about it.

Ask PCS South Wales: Do you have any questions for the union? We intend to give members the opportunity to ask questions about anything from campaigns, to what we do as your reps. Any published questions and answers will be answered by the most appropriate rep, and members will be kept anonymous.

Union Learning: PCS South Wales isn’t just about campaigns and action. We also help with learning in the workplace, through courses, learning initiatives, and access to a quiet learning environment for research and/or computer use in the Learning Resource Centre. This section will have useful information published shortly.

Library: Information from PCS bulletins, as well as other useful materials, will be stored here for you to access in case you miss anything.

PCS Reps: Coming soon, find out who your reps are and how to contact them.

Hot Topics: These tags are intended to help you find information linked to popular subjects. This will change regularly as the site develops.

Use the magnifying glass at the top right of the page to search for any specific information you are looking for.

In the mean time I hope you like your new look website and will visit us regularly!

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800 Club 2014


Happy 2014 to all our PCS Members

Would £500 help your finances in Spring?

Would £1000 help your Christmas spending in Xmas?

Join your Branch 800 Club now!

Another year is starting and with the continuing uncertainty facing us all in 2014 one constant we can be certain of is the Branch 800 Club.  We are now inviting members to apply again to take part in this year’s draw.

During 2013 we paid prizes totalling £7440.00 including £1,740.00 in the Spring and £2,140.00 in Xmas in addition to monthly prizes totalling £445.00 over 8 months.  Subscriptions will remain unchanged at £2.50 per month for 10 months (£25.00 in total).

In 2013 we paid over 77% of all income back to the members as prizes so your chance of winning one of these major prizes may be much greater that other locally available prize draws.  You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that your membership is supporting the Branch in our main fund raising activity and providing funds to be used by our Branch to benefit, you, the local members of our Branch.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank past members of the 800 club for their support over the years and invite those supporters and all other Branch members to apply for the 2014 draw.

Your Office Secretary or Wing Rep will shortly be taking names so that the 2014 run of the draw can start in March.  Please support the Branch Committee and I wish you good luck in the coming months.

This year if you wish you could make payments for the draw via Standing Order which will save you time and give you peace of mind that you will not miss any draws.  For more details please see your Rep.

Thank you for your much needed and much appreciated support.

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