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Members will be aware that HMRC have allowed limited access to social media sites via departmental IT systems. In these circumstances we wanted to remind all staff of their obligations to abide by Notice HR22011 “Conduct: HMRC and using social media” and the PCS “Standards of behaviour” and “Harassment protocol” guidance. This advice should be followed when posting from all devices, not just those linked to the Government Secure Internet (GSI).

Any comments which contravene the HMRC policy are likely to lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

If you would like to join the official HMRC PCS Facebook group and receive updates and briefings you can do so by sending your name (or Facebook username) and membership number to ,if you do not have your PCS membership number send me you National Insurance number so I can confirm you are a member of PCS in the HMRC group. You can follow us on Twitter @PCSRCGroup and receive updated briefings moments after they have been issued to branches.

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